MATRADI, S.L. is a company founded in 1993 in Valencia (Spain) by a group of architects focused exclusively to the CGI field. Today, our team is completed with designers, 3D artists and CGI experts.

We are specialized in architectural visualization, interior design renderings, urban planning, engineering and industrial design.

These 3D images can be displayed in different ways: as traditional perspectives, in a virtual reality environment, as 3D animations… There are many options that we can study and comment on, depending on the characteristics of your project.

Our virtual reality system lets you see the images in three different ways: on your computer, on your mobile phone (full screen), and on your mobile phone with split screen, inserted into virtual reality glasses “Google Cardboard” type, in stereoscopic vision. And all this without the need to install any program in your computer or app in your mobile phone.

Today, we work exclusively remotely for clients from any country. Fortunately, both the starting material and the end result can be sent and received online anywhere in the world. And all this, with very competitive prices and reasonable delivery times.

Just send us an email with the project information: description, exact address (of the project), 2D layouts (in PDF or vector format), 3D model (optionally), description of the finishes, suggested points of view, and so on. We will send you an estimate as soon as possible.


Avda. Blasco Ibanez, num. 68
46021 Valencia – Spain

Tel: +34 963 606 399